Using technology to improve learning levels in schools

Digitising Punjab Education

First of it’s kind state wide initiative to raise learning levels of children in Public Schools in Punjab.

Case Study 1


In collaboration with the Government of Punjab and Rotary India Literacy Mission (RILM), we aim to digitize and digitalize all 19,272 government schools across Punjab. This initiative will impact 2.4 million students, 19,272 schools, and over 200,000 teachers







The Challenge

Reports indicate a significant gap in basic literacy and numeracy skills among students in public schools. Many students in Grade 5 are performing at levels expected in Grade 2, hindering their chances of a brighter future.

iScuela, empowers teachers with technological tools for streamlined and integrated teaching, while students benefit from a personalised adaptive platform driven by our cutting-edge AI engine.

With iScuela, we are aiming to provide high quality education to students providing them with stronger foundations and clearer concepts. iScuela, delivers accessible, high-quality education tailored to every individual learner, factoring in the student’s current level, pace of learning, and identifying areas needing improvement.

Through extensive data analysis, iScuela’s AI engine continuously refines its algorithms, ensuring that learning interventions precisely meet the evolving needs of learners. Our current model is being trained with more than 2.4 million children, providing learning data points on our platform. Our models understand the need of the learner to not just be given the answer but to show them the way to get to the answer.

Accessible both in classrooms and on low-cost smartphones at home, iScuela provides comprehensive learning support. We collaborated with 120 subject matter experts and teachers to develop the platform for in-classroom teaching and self-learning. Additionally, we conducted teacher training programs to enhance educators’ skills. The government’s provision of basic hardware, including display and computational devices, halved classroom setup costs.

The Solution

The Results so far

To date, we’ve installed iScuela in over 14,000 schools out of 19,272 in Punjab. The platform currently serves 2.4 million students in Punjab and neighbouring states through classroom labs and mobile apps. Early data indicates significant performance improvements: an 18.2% increase for fast learners, 23.6% for average learners, and 31.2% for slow learners within the first 6 months of using iScuela.