Empowering Education through Personalized AI Solutions

Delivering accessible, high-quality learning experiences through innovative AI technology.

What we do

Artificial Intelligence and accessible learning for everyone

How we use A.I. to make learning experiences personal

Guided Learning

When students seek assistance through iScuela.ai, they receive comprehensive support beyond mere answers. The platform offers valuable tips, suggests relevant research materials, and guides students through various academic tasks. By promoting independent exploration and critical thinking, iScuela.ai empowers students to enhance their academic skills across a range of subjects and assignments.

Nudges and Interactive Experiences

Recognising when a student is struggling with a concept, iScuela.ai gently nudges them in the right direction. It offers relevant resources such as videos and interactive experiences to help clarify difficult topics. This proactive approach fosters deeper understanding and engagement, leading to improved learning outcomes.

Enhanced Quiz Experience with Feedback

In subjective type quizzes, iScuela.ai goes beyond providing correct answers. It offers constructive feedback on areas for improvement and suggests additional points to strengthen the student’s response. By offering supplementary learning materials such as videos, iScuela.ai encourages students to delve deeper into the subject matter, resulting in a more comprehensive understanding.

Teacher and Parent Confidence

With iScuela.ai, educators and parents can trust that students are actively engaging in the learning process, rather than resorting to shortcuts or plagiarism.

Awards and Recognition

Our work in education and accessibility has been recognised by world organisations.

Word Economic Form

2016-2018 – Invited to showcase our work and join the discussion to improve the state of the world.

Million Lives Club - Vanguard

Selected for having directly impacted 1,000,000+ lives with our innovations.

WSA Winner - Education for All

Overall winner in the category of ‘Education for All’ by World Summit Awards.

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